Sample Lesson: Me! The Body

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Your child is incredibly special. (But you already knew that, right?) In our Me! The Body lesson plan, you’ll help your child explore diversity, math, science, art, and music as they develop a stronger sense of self. Want to track your progress? Download this printable worksheet to track books read, skills learned, and keep track on your progress.

Note: Occasionally we include project upgrades (for kids ready for more) and modifications (which can be useful for including younger siblings). We’ll mark those with the plus (+) or minus (-) symbols.

What you need:

Books (find at your local library or order below on Amazon):

Supplies (use what you have, but here are links to shop if you need anything):

What to do:

We recommend doing the below lessons in this order to build on each skill your child will develop, but don’t feel that you *need* to do them in this order. Do what works for you and your child. If they love an activity, feel free to repeat! Not a winner? Skip and try the next thing. Have fun!

Lesson 1:

Begin by reading Shades of People to introduce and reinforce the diversity, sense of self, and acceptance. Next, read the book Remarkably You to continue this theme and help your child to identify what makes them specialWhen reading your stories, point out the word “body” and talk about the letter B. Show them the upper case B and the lower case b and demonstrate the sound it makes in the word “body.” Practice this phonics lesson throughout the week to reinforce recognition.

***Click here for more tips on how to turn a book into a lesson.

Activity 1: Name Letter Practice
Activity 2: Create a “Me Collage.” Have your child write their name on a large piece of paper. Add a hand print of your child’s hand using paint (or trace their hand with a colorful marker). Interview your child and write their answers on the same paper next to their hand print. Suggestions for interview questions: What is your favorite color? Animal? Food? Thing to do?

Lesson 2:

Read The Busy Book: A Kid’s Guide to Fitness. Discuss some of your child’s favorite ways to move. Then play the below game.

Activity 1: The Exercise Counting Game
Activity 2: Human Body Printable

Lesson 3:

Did your child have a favorite book from the last two days? Read it again—or read one of the additional books from the list if you have a voracious reader. See what they remember and practice your B phonics lesson.

Activity 1: String Body Measurements
Activity 2: Build Your Own Lungs
(+) Activity 3: STEM Heart Pump Model Project

Lesson 4:

It’s art + music day! Start by showing your child this self-portrait by Pablo Picasso. Tell them the name of the piece and the artist, and explain what a self portrait is. Talk about the colors they see, the mood of the person in the image. (Are they happy? Are they sad? What do they look like they are thinking about?  How does this picture makes you feel?) Talk about the shapes they see. You can even let them come up with a story about the person in the picture if that’s what they want to do. Show them how Picasso’s self portraits changed through the years here. (Note: This can be especially helpful if your child is a perfectionist—it helps them to see that anything they paint/draw in their self portrait is exactly right even if it doesn’t look like an exact replica.)

***Click here for more tips on how to teach your child about art.

Activity 1: Set up a mirror for your child to create their own self portrait.
(-) For younger children, sit with them and draw your own portrait, too.
Activity 2: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Song (Tip: Get up and sing and dance along with the video to reinforce the lesson + work out any wiggles.)

Lesson 5:

Review some of your favorite lessons! Re-read your child’s favorite book from the week, sing the song again, look at their art and talk about the Picasso painting more. This is also a great day to check off any activities you didn’t have time for earlier in the week.

Activity 1: Count Your Teeth. Did you know that teeth are the only bones in your body you can see and touch? For today’s first activity, encourage math skills with this printable worksheet that let’s your child practice counting teeth.  Start by having them count each tooth. You can ask your child to color them in, or use counters such as dried beans or cereal and place one counter on each number as they count. If your child is ready, try skip counting by twos. 
Activity 2: Make a Senses Snack Plate – Create a tasting plate that stimulates all the senses using this simple guide. Try to include something colorful (sight), sweet (taste), crunchy (hearing), textured (taste), and fragrant (smell). As you taste, ask them to describe each food using all their senses.

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