Dinosaur Lesson: Dinosaur Twister

This simple game is a great way to get your child moving while encouraging letter recognition, gross motor skills, and proprioception, or the awareness of your body in space.

  1. Unroll 4-6 feet of paper and tape the ends to the floor. (If more than one child is playing, make your sheet bigger or unroll two pieces of paper.)
  2. Write the letters from the word “dinosaur” on different parts of the paper, alternating between upper and lower case letters.
  3. Call out different letters (identifying upper or lower case if your child has that ability), and have your child “dino stomp” on the correct letter.
  4. Need an upgrade? Play “Twister” and have your child identify the letters with their right or left hand or foot. (Example: “Right hand on the lower case ‘i’! Left foot on the upper case ‘D’!”)

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