The Learn + Live Letter is a hands-on, play-based unit study program for children ages 3-12. Our flexible, faith-neutral (and secular) homeschool unit studies bring joy back to learning while providing empowering guidance for the grownups teaching them. 

What does it mean to Learn + Live?
Mom with two children reading books from Learn + Live Letter homeschool plan unit studies.
Hands-on learning

The Learn + Live Letter offers four Levels of homeschool unit studies that are packed with play- and project-based hands-on, literature-rich activities to build curiosity and critical thinking skills. With each week- or month-long unit study, you’ll cover core academic subjects, poetry, art + music studies + meaningful life skills in a gentle way that works with and supports your child’s natural learning development.

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Empowering support

Whether this is your first homeschool rodeo or not, we empower you to be the boss of your homeschool through encouraging educational resources and expert-contributed blog articles, experience-backed guidance from our newsletters, and seasonal mentorship sessions for Year Members.

Two children and a parent having fun learning with Learn + Live Letter hands on homeschool curriculum
Flexible membership

Membership to our program includes access to four levels of play- and project-based unit studies (over 120 units!) for children ages 3 to 12 + consistent support and encouragement to support your homeschool journey. Memberships are available in 1-year, 3-month, and 1-month periods, and we can’t wait to learn + live with you! Click below to learn more!



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Want to try a sample unit study?

The Learn + Live Letter

Hands-on, faith-neural (secular) homeschool unit studies for children age 3-12 + empowering guidance for grownups. Because learning should be fun—for your child *and* you.

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