About us

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Cynthia Holt, Co-Founder

 I’m Cynthia, and I am the mom of three sons. I started homeschooling my oldest son in 2007 in NYC. My oldest son has since graduated from college and my second son graduated high school after homeschooling from K-12. In 2009, I co-founded a member-driven homeschool group, The Queens Homeschoolers, a secular homeschooling group that offered support to over 600 homeschool families in the community. For years, I taught classes and organized field trips, book clubs, co-ops, and conferences. Now our family lives in Virginia where I am currently homeschooling one of our children, and I’m so excited to bring my experience and knowledge to all of our members with each homeschool unit study we create!

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Justine LoMonaco, Co-Founder

I’m Justine, and I have two girls and have one boy on the way. We started homeschooling when my oldest began preschool in 2019. Prior to co-founding L+L, I worked in journalism and marketing for several brands supporting women and parents through a variety of challenges. When the coronavirus pandemic struck in early 2020, I watched as so many of my friends and co-workers were thrown into homeschooling—and I wished there was a way to help them find more joy in the process. Cynthia and I decided to combine our super powers to create a homeschool curriculum that would support parents and caregivers as much as the student, and the Learn + Live Letter was born.

As homeschooling parents ourselves, we believe that teaching your child is easier than you think and that the best learning environment is the one that blends seamlessly with the life you already love. That’s why we take an eclectic, faith-neutral approach to each homeschool unit study in our program that allows you to tailor your child’s education to their needs, interests, abilities, and values—while growing your own confidence as an educator.

Because learning comes naturally to your child’s development. They learn with and by the world around them—and, as parents and caregivers, all we have to do is open that door.

The Learn + Live Letter offers four Levels of unit studies (over 120 units!) packed with play- and project-based, hands-on activities. Each level includes week- or month-long units covering a wide range of topics and subjects to raise a curious, informed, open-minded child. Our curated and original lessons and activities introduce science, geography, history, math, music theory, composer-study, artist-study, phonetic awareness, poetry and writing readiness in a gentle way that works with your child’s natural learning development. (Click here for the full Scope + Sequence!)

We’ve spent years researching and trying out activities, projects, and curricula to bring you only the best ideas that you’ll love as much as your child will. And it’s why we don’t recommend anything that we haven’t tried—and loved—ourselves.

What you won’t find? Busy work, endless worksheets, or anything that doesn’t actively contribute to your child’s core education. Every single idea, activity, and lesson in each homeschool unit study adds value to their schooling and skills—in a way that’s fun for you, too! Additionally, we’ve rounded up the materials you need for each unit and include links to Amazon.com to help you gather your supplies each week. Simply add what you need to your cart and order in time for your first day of lessons!

We know your time, money, and trust is precious. That’s why we’ve done the hard work.

Lastly, we will help educate you step-by-step on homeschooling philosophies so you can tailor your approach for the rest of your child’s learning career. With every newsletter we send you, blog or social post we write, or contributed article from our team of experts, you’ll feel confident, prepared, and excited to tackle another week of homeschool. (Promise!)

Because we’ve been right where you are. We’ve struggled with difficult subjects. We’ve seen the magical moments when everything clicks. We’ve learned and we’ve lived, and we know you can do it, too.

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