Why outsourcing some of our subjects is a must in our homeschool

Nine years ago, when we first started homeschooling, I was nervous to take on the challenge of helping my kids learn the subjects I’d struggled with in school. Was I really qualified to teach math when I’d barely passed high school geometry? I bought an all-in-one curriculum and paid extra close attention to the mathContinue reading “Why outsourcing some of our subjects is a must in our homeschool”

How to do Level 2 and 2+ phonics guide of the week

In addition to hands-on, play-based activities in each Level 2 unit, we will also be introducing a phonetic rule or a multi-letter phonogram to your child each week. (Note: We covered single-letter phonograms in Level 1. If your child doesn’t know these, we suggest using the Letter of the Week from Level 1 before moving onContinue reading “How to do Level 2 and 2+ phonics guide of the week”

Why historical truth is essential—and how to teach it in your homeschool

When we tell our children stories from around the world and throughout time, we are providing a foundation for how they see their place in the world and how they view the people around them. This comes with great responsibility because it will shape how your child sees the world―not just today but for decades to come. 

A Q&A with Amber O’Neal Johnston on teaching historical truth

Teaching our children historical truths isn’t just an option—it’s crucial for raising informed and empathetic children. No one knows that better than Amber O’Neal Johnston. Amber is a veteran homeschool mom of four children, the popular blogger and homeschool consultant over at HeritageMom.com, and author of the new book A Place to Belong. Because of her vast experience and knowledge on this topic, we asked her to share with us her ideas on teaching the most accurate version of history.