The benefits of picture books for upper elementary students

In fact, picture books are extremely important to children of all ages. Even if your child is reading independently, picture books continue to have real value. Picture books offer complex vocabulary and discuss rich, thought-provoking topics. They are a valuable teaching tool, introducing people and places and sensitive and complex subjects. They teach literacy and critical thinking skills. 

The art of narration—and how it can benefit your homeschool

a Charlotte Mason education is that of narration. It’s what some refer to as “retelling,” or simply “telling again.” In narration, the child retells what they have just heard or read from a text, whether it be historical fiction, nature stories, or history. Narration is a deceptively simple concept, but with a little know-how and practice, it can yield great rewards.

14 homeschool supplies to keep on hand for Level 3

If you’re subscribed to our Level 3 lessons, we’ll send you a supply list every month for what you’ll need to complete the activities in our unit study. But if you want to feel more prepared (and cut down on what you need to buy each month), we recommend having these 14 staples in your supply closet all year long.

How does Learn + Live Letter work?

Learn + Live Letter in 2020, it was our goal to create a curriculum that fostered joy in learning—for both your child and you. In this post, we’ll break down exactly what to expect when you subscribe, how the curriculum works, and how you can tailor it to your family’s needs. For more information, we also recommend visiting our FAQs page, as well our Levels page for our full scope + sequence and pricing information.