Learn + Live Letter Homeschool Unit Study Levels

Live + Learn offers four levels of homeschool program unit study paths

We’re so excited to join you on your homeschool journey! We offer four levels of unit study paths at L+L—below you’ll find a general description for each to help you determine which level is right for your child.

Levels 1 + 2 have the same theme topics and work in harmony with each other so you’re not teaching too many different concepts each week if you have children that fall into both of those levels. You will also see some crossover between other levels, particularly when it comes to our country-based and culture-based units.

You can also click here for a full Scope + Sequence of all of the L+L Levels, and here for a breakdown of what to expect after you subscribe.

Level 1 homeschool unit studies

Level 1

Level 2 homeschool unit studies

Level 2

  • Designed for homeschool students ages 5 to 7.
  • 36 week-long unit studies that build on the previous level’s themes with upgraded activities and a more in-depth look at the topics. (Don’t worry, it’s not just a repeat of Level 1. We promise, you won’t be bored!)
  • Plus plenty of support for you along the way!
  • Can be taught in tandem with younger children still in Level 1—click here for the suggested schedule of the unit themes.
Level 2+ homeschool unit studies

Level 2+

Level 3+ homeschool unit studies

Level 3

Still not sure what to pick? Don’t worry! Your membership will give you access to all levels, so you can move around our platform as you learn to meet your child where they are.