2022/2023 Level 2+ Unit Study Schedule

Fall September 5th SendAustralia.Desert.Reptiles.Things That Go. October 3rd SendPeru.Cooking + Favorite Foods.Finance.Entrepreneur. November 7th SendEngland + Ireland.Germs, Viruses + Fungus.Inventions.Fashion. Winter December 5th SendRussia.Outer Space.Espionage.Bears. January 9th SendBrazil.Toys.Recycling + Conservation.The Body. February 6th SendNorway.Mountains.Pirates.Antarctica. Spring March 6th SendNigeria.Monkeys.State Parks + Camping.Decomposers. April 3rd SendCuba.Frontier.Robots.Sports. May 1st SendHawaii.Tide Pools.Sing + Theater.County Fair.

Level 2: Flowers and Birds Supplies

Here’s what you need for Week 1: Flowers: Books (find at your local library or order below on Amazon): What’s Inside a Flower? And Other Questions About Science and Nature by Rachel Ignotofsky The Big Book of Blooms by Yuval Zommer The Night Flower by Lara Hawthorne (or listen to this read aloud) Blockhead: TheContinue reading “Level 2: Flowers and Birds Supplies”

6 things we learned about teaching music from our LIVE with a music educator

The idea of teaching children music can be intimidating—especially if you’ve never had formal training or even any kind of music background of your own. But it doesn’t have to be! And it turns out that teaching your child the basics of understanding music might be even more natural than many of us think.  ToContinue reading “6 things we learned about teaching music from our LIVE with a music educator”

Modern-Day Egypt Unit: Feed the Crocodile Math Activity

Ready for a math activity that’s truly a *SNAP*? 🐊 This activity will strengthen your child’s understanding of greater than/less than using the Nile crocodile! Keep scrolling for instructions on how to make your crocodile and set up the activity, and then check out our list of ways to play. What you need: 2 popsicleContinue reading “Modern-Day Egypt Unit: Feed the Crocodile Math Activity”