Level 2 Arctic: Fox camouflage craft

The arctic fox is a master camouflage artist. But why is this a resourceful ability for an animal? Let’s exlpore how camouflage works for the fox with this simple craft.

What you need:
What to do:

Start by printing the fox template twice, once on white paper and again on brown paper. Cut out the foxes.

Use a piece of brown construction paper or cardstock for your background. Fold it in half and have your child label one side “summer” and the other side “winter.”

On the summer side, they can add some greenery with the green tissue paper. On the winter side, let them glue white tissue paper and cotton balls to create a wintry scene.

Explain how in the summer, much of the ground is brown. Demonstrate how a brown fox would be able to hid from predators and sneak up on prey in this environment.

Then, continue the story: Now it is winter! The land is covered in snow. Demonstrate how a brown fox would be easily spotted in this environment. Explain how the fox sheds his summer coat for a thicker, white winter coat and (using the white fox) how a white fox now blends and camouflages with this winter world.

Let your child play with the foxes and the environments as much as desired.

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