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Russia Unit: Week 4

Our final week in the Russia Unit is literally bursting with science—your child will have many opportunities for hands-on STEM experiments as you learn about famous scientific discoveries, historic events, and the brilliant people who made them possible.

Russia Unit: Week 2

This week we will deepen our knowledge of Russian culture by delving into the language spoken by the people, the art they create and the music they enjoy.

Level 2+: Bears Unit

From grizzlies to polar bears to pandas (and a slew of lesser-known bears in between!), we’ll get to know how they live while also tackling math, science, literacy, geography and more.

Level 2+: Espionage Unit

Get ready to get up close and personal with the life of spies and secret agents—and to learn some of the crucial roles they have played throughout history.

Level 2+: Russia Unit

From the unique geography and alphabet to some of its most famous works of art and most delicious recipes, get ready to experience this fascinating culture like never before.

England Unit: Week 4

All week, we will be learning about 20th century England, including the architecture, the monarchy and parliament, the natural beauty, and favorite places tourists love to visit!

England Unit: Week 3

This week we will learn about a special queen who sat on the English throne, brilliant writers who many of us still enjoy reading (or watching) today, and the great impact of the science minds of this time in history.

England Unit: Week 1

Welcome to England! Be sure to mark your passports as we travel this month to a European country with a rich history and connection to all of us English speakers.

Level 2+ Inventions Unit

From paper bags to traffic lights, virtually everything we use on a daily basis had an inventor. This week, we will explore and learn more about some of history’s most famous inventors, as well as a few you may never have neard of before.

England + Ireland: Types of government

In our England + Ireland Units, we learn how England is part of the United Kingdom and operates under a monarchy (technically a constitutional monarcy!). In this activity, we will learn about the basic types of government and how they function.

Level 2+: Finance Unit

In this unit, we’ll break down the basics of money and finance in a play-based, hands-on way that helps bring these abstract concepts down to a concrete level.

Level 2+: Peru Unit

From a rich history or stunning mountains and fascinating rainforests, there’s something for everyone in Peru! Throughout this week-long unit, we’ll get a taste of the cultural wonders of this country while exploring geography, flora, fauna, folk tales, and a few famous native residents.

Peru Unit: Week 4

There are some impressive landmarks in Peru, and this week we will learn about some of the most amazing places you will ever see, like the floating islands of Titicaca, the rainbow mountain and Cotahuasi Canyon.

Peru Unit: Week 3

This week we will learn about the animals, the music, and the art of Peru. We will also meet some famous characters from Peru’s past and present and learn about another famous food ingredient beloved in this country.

Peru Unit: Week 2

This week, we will focus on the rich history of the people of Peru. We will highlight the first people to inhabit Peru, the great Inca Empire, and the colonization by Spain.

Peru Unit: Week 1

This country and culture will introduce us to amazing history, impressive architecture, beautiful landscapes and fascinating animals.

What we learned in our IG LIVE with The Reading School

Teaching our children to read can be a stressful endeavor for many homeschool families―but it doesn’t have to be! To help empower more homeschool parents and caregivers to help their child find success as readers, we sat down with Diane Duff, Founder + Director of The Reading School.

Level 2+ Reptiles Unit

This week, we’ll be getting up close and personal with one of the vertibrate types we learned about in our Australia Unit…reptiles!

Level 2+: Desert Unit

Is it getting hot in here? It must be time for our Desert Unit! Get ready to explore this arid (and sometimes not arid!) biome as we learn more about the geography, plants, animals, and cultures found in the desert.

Level 2+: Australia Unit

G’day! Welcome to our week-long Australia Unit, where we’ll be exploring a variety of landscpes, animals, and art forms across this diverse continent (and country!).

Australia Unit: Week 4

For our final week of Australia, we’ll meet some intrepid people, discover amazing inventions, and explore architecture that still captures the imagination of people all over the world.

Australia Unit: Week 2

This week of Australia exploration is filled with history and science! We will learn about the British influence on the Australian continent, and we will also enjoy creating a diorama of an important point in history.

How to make a homeschool lapbook

Do you have a child that really enjoys collecting keepsakes, cutting and pasting, writing notes, and organizing their work? Do they need extra repetition to retain what they’ve learned? Then lapbooking might be just the hands-on thing for your homeschooler!

Why we love homeschool program unit studies

Why we love homeschool unit studies

The Learn + Live Letter is a homeschool unit study program…but what exactly is a homeschool unit study? What are their benefits? And what type of homeschool family do unit studies work for best?

Q&A with Amber O'Neal Johnston on teaching historical truth in homeschool plans

A Q&A with Amber O’Neal Johnston on teaching historical truth

Teaching our children historical truths isn’t just an option—it’s crucial for raising informed and empathetic children. No one knows that better than Amber O’Neal Johnston. Amber is a veteran homeschool mom of four children, the popular blogger and homeschool consultant over at HeritageMom.com, and author of the new book A Place to Belong. Because of her vast experience and knowledge on this topic, we asked her to share with us her ideas on teaching the most accurate version of history.

Level 2: Dance (Party!) Unit

This is our last week of activities for the year, and we are so ready to celebrate your child and all that you both have accomplished! So, let’s get ready to get up and dance.

Level 2: Ocean Unit

Ready for adventure, underwater explorers? For this week-long unit, we’ll begin by strengthening our understanding of what makes up this fascinating biome.

Level 2: Japan Unit

We are so excited to introduce you and your child to a variety of Japanese landmarks, some incredibly cool animals, and to help you learn more about Japanese culture.

Level 1: Ocean Unit

Summer is right around the corner, and what could be more in season than learning about the ocean and it’s sun-drenched beaches? Throughout the unit, we will enjoy some awesome STEAM activities, along with the math, science, art, and music activities you know and love.

Level 1: Japan Unit

Kon’nichiwa! In this county unit study, we’re taking a trip to explore the incredible culture, geography, and arts of Japan.

Level 1: Forest Unit

Many of our units have touched on a variety of trees, but this week, trees are the star. Throughout the week, we’ll explore a variety of forests, types of trees, and animal life that relies on them.

Japan Unit: Week 3

This week in our Japan Unit, we will learn about sumo wrestlers, samurai, ninjas, the Japanese language, haikus, bonsai trees, cherry blossoms, and some of the awesome innovations and technology popular from Japan.

Japan Unit: Week 2

This week is jam-packed full of fun! We will learn about Mount Fuji and volcanoes, the story and artwork of artist Hokusai, ninjas, storytelling in Japan, the island of Okinawa, sea turtles, and sushi!

Japan Unit: Week 1

Welcome to Japan! こんにちは (Kon’nichiwa)! We will start our exploration with detailed mapping skills, a brief history overview, and a deeper dive into ancient Japan. This week will include math and science lessons that connect seamlessly to the unit theme.

Level 2: Up in the Air Unit

Get ready to take learning up, up, and away this week! We’ll explore the history of man-made flying machines, including a look at da Vinci’s original designs, while also tackling a variety of subjects from math to literacy and everything in between.

Level 2: Animal Care Unit

From domesticated pets to the wildest creatures on the earth, there is so much that goes into caring for our furry, feathered, and scaled friends! In this unit, we’ll explore some amazing human and animal connections from around the world (including several true stories!) and explore how we can take care of the animals we share our planet with.

Level 1: Pet Care Unit

Our unit this week is all about taking care of animals and how some animals have a special job and take care of us. We will also learn about the people who take care for animals both in our community and in captivity.

Level 2: Savanna + Safari Unit

We are so excited for this week’s wild ride through the African savanna! Our lessons will also introduce your child to different areas within Africa, focusing a lot on Kenya (including several overlaps with our Level 3: Kenya Unit for homeschool families in both levels).

Level 1: Butterflies + Migration Unit

Butterflies are amazing insects! 🦋 They can be found in all habitats, from rainforests to deserts to grasslands—no matter where you live, you have butterflies! This unit will be filled with lots of science, plenty of math, and even a biographical story for a splash of history.

Kenya Unit: Week 4

This week in our Kenya Unit, we will learn about one early civilization, the influence of colonization, and the sadness of chattel slavery. Let’s take a deeper dive into the history of this nation.

Kenya Unit: Week 3

Week three of Kenya is filled with science, art and culture! We will explore the monsoons and the waterfalls of Kenya, we will learn about the beautiful woodworking skills of Kenyan artists and the mask traditions of its tribes, and we will enjoy learning about some fabulous flamingos and some delicious cuisine.

Kenya Unit: Week 2

This week, we will meet some famous Kenyans! We will learn about a famous Nobel Prize winner and also one of the most famous Kenayan tribes. This week is packed with science—specifically botany, environmental, and earth science.

Kenya Unit: Week 1

Jambo! Hello and welcome to Kenya! This breathtaking country is going to inspire the world traveler within you.

Level 1: France Unit

Bienvenue en France! We are so excited to explore this beautiful country with you and your child, getting a taste for the culture and cuisine while also exploring amazing architecture, living things, music, and art.

Level 2: France Unit

Bienvenue en France! This week, we’ll explore this beautiful country and gain a deeper understanding of the culture, language, cuisine, and more!

Level 2: Castles Unit

Good morrow, lords and ladies! We are so excited to kick off our Castles Unit, which is packed with history around Medieval times and the Renaissance in Western Europe.

3 myths about socialization + homeschooling

If you’ve been homeschooling longer than…let’s say 30 seconds, you’ve probably had someone challenge you on how you plan to make sure that your homeschooled child is “socialized.” As common as this question is, though, the truth is that it’s rooted in some serious misconceptions about home education.

Level 2: Flowers Unit

Get ready to watch learning bloom with this colorful unit! This week, we’ll learn about flowers in a variety of ways, from dissecting a real bloom to using flowers to inspire our math and literacy activities.

Level 1: Birds Unit

This week’s unit is for the birds—in the best way! 🐦🦜🐤 We are going to learn about our winged friends this week, including their habitats and what makes them each unique.

Level 1: Flowers Unit

Ready to let creativity and exploration bloom? In this colorful unit study, we’ll explore the science and makeup of flowers while also improving skills around reading, math, art, and more.

French Unit: Week 3

French culture has influenced many others with its food, fashion, and more. This week, we will explore some of the most visited places in France, learn about two famous French inventions, and try one of our favorite food groups—French desserts!

France Unit: Week 2

This week you will no doubt be impressed with the beauty of France. From its gorgeous gardens and impressive architectural structures to the creative art of masters and glorious music of famed composers, France is filled with magnificent things!

France Unit: Week 1

Bienvenue en France! This week we will tour the terrain and landmarks of France with some fun mapping exercises. We will also explore the French language with our friends from The Cultured Kid and learn how to write a research paper.


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