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Insects + Spiders Unit

This unit is all about the creepy, crawly little creatures that outnumber us by millions! 🐝🐛🦋🐞🐜🦟🦗🕷(But don’t worry—they’re actually much more interesting than scary!) You will learn about a few specific insects and spiders while also refining your child’s fine and gross motor skills, crafting, and even taking a field trip or two.

Birds Unit

This week’s unit is for the birds—in the best way! 🐦🦜🐤 We are going to learn about our winged friends this week, including their habitats and what makes them each unique.

Flowers Unit

Ready to let creativity and exploration bloom? In this colorful unit study, we’ll explore the science and makeup of flowers while also improving skills around reading, math, art, and more.

Japan Unit: DIY felt sushi set

If your child loves imaginary play, this felt sushi set is a great way to get them thinking like an itamae, or skilled sushi chef! It takes a bit of time to put together, but the result is hours of free play inspired by our Japan Unit Study.

Quilts Unit

If all you think about when you think of quilts is the afghan on your grandma’s couch, think again. Quilts can teach us the beauty of culture, family, and diversity—especially when it comes to gaining understanding of cultures different from our own.

What is Waldorf Education?

The Waldorf method of education (sometimes called Steiner education) is about 100 years old. The method began in Germany when a manufacturer approached Rudolf Steiner to create a school for his factory workers. The result was a method that is based on child development and, at its core, healing humanity.

Castles Unit

This unit is full of fun history about medieval times in Western Europe. We will examine many parts of life during the feudal system of the dark ages—but with a kid friendly spin. Huzzah!

Arctic Unit

This week, we’re taking a journey north to explore the Arctic! We’ll take a closer look at the land, the animal residents, and the people who call the Arctic Circle home.

Outer Space Unit

Welcome to our Outer Space Unit! This unit is Space Jam-packed with the coolest activities! (Sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves!) We are going to learn about our solar system, the phases of the moon 🌑 and space exploration 🚀.

Snow Unit

Whether it’s blizzards and forts or snowmen and snowflakes, there’s no denying that snow means fun for kids. In this seasonal unit study, we’ll break down basics of your favorite flakes from a scientific, mathematical, and artistic point of view.

Big Feelings Unit

Feelings, especially big feelings, are an important part of every day life—especially when you’re little and still figuring them out. This unit will discuss some of the feelings that we all experience all the time, like frustration, happiness, gratitude, and kindness.

7 toys + games that teach your child educational skills through play

When we watch our children play, we see how their beautiful, little brains are always learning. Play is how they make sense of the world—how they experiment with ideas and feelings, how they develop language, and how they practice fine and gross motor skills.  At Learn + Live, we wholeheartedly believe that playing is learning.Continue reading “7 toys + games that teach your child educational skills through play”

Neighborhood + Native Peoples of North America Supplies

Supplies you’ll need for Week 1: Neighborhood: Books (find at your local library or order below on Amazon): Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney Keat’s Neighborhood by Ezra Jack Keats The Berenstain Bears Visit the Firehouse by Mike Berenstain Owney: The Mail-Pouch Pooch by Mona Kerby OR A Lucky Dog: Owney, U.S. Rail MascotContinue reading “Neighborhood + Native Peoples of North America Supplies”

6 things I wish I knew before homeschooling

Most new homeschoolers have a lot to think about these days. On top of figuring out curriculum options, teaching methods, and learning styles, there are also jobs and family responsibilities to juggle. We all want our kids to excel—not just learn the basics—and that can feel like a huge responsibility. But getting caught up in the day to day minutia might make us lose sight of the big picture.

Leaves Unit

This week, your child will experience beautiful stories and playful activities while developing fine and gross motor skills and phonetic awareness and learning math, science, music, and art appreciation. 🍂

Apples Lesson: Apple Stamping

Engage your child’s seasonal senses with this simple art craft. Before you start cutting open your apples, ask your child what they expect to find inside. (Most children love discovering that apples hold a secret “star” when you cut them in half!) Next, let their creativity fly.

What is Montessori schooling?

Her method goes far beyond academic knowledge—it focuses on the care of self, others, and the environment. It also focuses on respect and peace, for both for the child and others. The Montessori method is a child-led education. This makes it different from most traditional education, which tells the child what they should be learning. Instead, Montessori education meets the child wherever he or she is. Here are five principles at the core of Montessori education.

Extracurricular Ideas: Passport to the World

Teaching my children about countries around the world has always been a goal of mine. When my two older children were younger, I created a kids club for them with other homeschoolers in our community called Passport to the World Club where we learned about different places, practiced public speaking, and sampled the traditional food of that location’s culture.

What is Unschooling?

There are many interpretations of the term unschooling, which has been defined as learning without a curriculum or plan or education that consists solely of what a child wants to do. I dislike these definitions, and even the term unschooling, which seems to describe what it is not, rather than what it is.