How does Learn + Live Letter work?

Thank you so much for your interest in our program! When we founded the Learn + Live Letter in 2020, it was our goal to create a curriculum that fostered joy in learning—for both your child and you. In this post, we’ll break down exactly what to expect when you subscribe, how the curriculum works, and how you can tailor it to your family’s needs. For more information, we also recommend visiting our FAQs page, as well our Levels page for our full scope + sequence and pricing information.

When you first subscribe

After subscribing, you’ll be taken to a welcome page with information about what to do until you begin using our lesson plans. You will also receive a welcome email with this information so you can access it at any time. One of the first things we recommend doing is checking out this blog post of 20 common homeschool supplies you should have on-hand. They are commonly used throughout our unit studies, and having them at home will cut back on how much you need to order each month.

How the program works

The Learn + Live Letter is a seasonally based curriculum, and our subscribers learn together throughout the year. That means that everyone in your level is sent the same units at the same time. This enables us to provide timely support to you as your child learns, as well as to create a community of other subscribers you can learn along with. Because so much of our curriculum is curated, it also enables us to continually check links and make sure everything is available to you the moment you need it.

One important note: You are not obligated or required to complete a unit study the same week it is released. You will maintain access to the units as long as you are an active subscriber, so you can move at a pace that work best for your homeschool and repeat units and activities as desired throughout the school year.

For the complete schedule of themes and dates, please visit our Levels page.

What to expect (Levels 1 + 2)

With our Levels 1 + 2 subscriptions, you will receive an email every other Thursday with a supply list and two lesson plans for the following two weeks. When you open the email, the first thing you’ll see is an empowering letter to you, the homeschool grownup, around a common homeschool topic or pain point, along with tips and suggestions for overcoming it. Have topics you want us to cover? Send us an email at or DM us on Instagram!

As you scroll down through your email letter, you’ll find a link to your supply lists, including the books we will cover in those units. We encourage grownups to look it over the list right away so you can determine if you need to order anything before Monday. (We link to products on Amazon when available so you can get them within days with Prime, but we will note if a product can be found more cheaply offline.)

For books, we do provide shopping lists, but we recommend trying to find them at your local library (many will let you reserve books online for pickups) and we also include a link if they can be found free online or in YouTube read alouds. Occasionally, we create our own read alouds, which you can view on our YouTube page here.

Below the link to the supply lists, you’ll find the two lesson plans. Each is designed to be a week-long unit study packed with play-based, hands-on activities that bring each lesson topic to life. What makes our unit studies different from other unit programs is that, in addition to being fun to complete, your child will also learn math, science, geography, literacy (including a letter of the week in Level 1), history, art, music, and life skills. We also recommend a field trip in many of our themes. You can find the full Scope + Sequence for all of our levels here. Each unit study is broken down into 5 lessons, which can be completed one per day or moved around to better suit your schedule and family rhythm. Something isn’t working? Skip it! You can always come back to it later, and even if you skip a few activities, each skill is addressed multiple times throughout the curriculum so everything will get covered.

Level 1 is a complete, stand-alone program that doesn’t require any other curriculum. For Level 2, you may want to incorporate an additional reading program if they are showing reading readiness.

What to expect (Level 3)

The biggest difference between Level 3 and the other two levels is that Level 3’s unit studies are each one month long. Once the school year begins, you will receive one newsletter per month. It will arrive one week before you start the lessons. Each unit is country- and culture-based and includes history, STEM, and food activities (with math and science applications) that are hands-on. The lessons emphasize shared reading and some creative writing, and they will include books as the spine of each lesson along with other additional reading suggestions that might interest your child.

Your email newlsetter will also include a supply list, but it is broken down by each activity so you only purchase the supplies for the activities you plan to do with your child. We encourage you to follow your child’s lead and do the activities that interest them. Like the other levels, you will have access to all released unit studies as long as your subscription is active, so feel free to adjust or revisit lessons and activities as desired.

While our program does include reading, writing, and math applications, for older children you will likely need an additional math curriculum and grammar program. We would be happy to guide you in finding a program if you ever need help—simply email us!

Additional help for you

One of the core tenants of L+L is providing a lot of support for our subscribers. While we are an eclectic homeschool program, we provide education around various homeschool philosophies and struggles to help you find what homeschool style ultimately works best for your family. You can find all of our “for parents” blog posts here.

To help ease the stress of end-of-year portfolios and evaluations, we also include a printable tracking document in each unit that helps you record books read, skills worked on, and activities completed, as well as space to record personal reflections as you continue through your homeschool journey. By the end of the year, you’ll likely find much of the information you need has already been recorded in these documents.

Finally, we also encourage you to follow us on Instagram for additional guidance, encouragement, and our favorite homeschooling tips.

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