Big Feelings Unit: Gratitude tree craft

Homeschool unit studies - Gratitude tree craft

Let’s start by thinking of some things we can be grateful for in our own life with a game! This simple craft is a great way to give your child a tangible reminder of their favorite people and things, and it also doubles as a sweet keepsake.

What you need:
What to do:

Print this tree template and list of gratitude questions to get started. Laminate the questions page (or put in a large Ziploc bag).

Next, use a circle paper cutter (or a pair of scissors) to cut out some circles from patterned or colorful paper. Roll two dice, and have your child write the numbers in the provided boxes with a dry erase marker.

Next, have them add the numbers together. (You may want to provide counters, if necessary.)

Once you have the sum, find that number on the list and ask your child the question that corresponds to that number. Have your child write (or scribe for them) their answer on one of the paper circles and have your child glue it on the tree. (If the answer is a person or a pet, you can even cut out pictures of them to add instead!)

Once your tree is done, hang it for a visual reminder of many of the things your child has to be grateful for!

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