Welcome to Learn + Live!

We’re so glad to have you.

We could not be more excited (and honored!) to be joining you on your homeschool journey. Whether you’re a seasoned homeschooler or just starting out, you have so many amazing memories ahead—and we consider it our duty to help smooth the roadblocks and make learning effective, fun, and simple (for both your child and you).

Here’s what to do next:

We send out the Learn & Live Letter every other Thursday so you have time to gather books and supplies for the following two weeks. Click here to view our schedule so you know exactly when to expect your first letter.

Next, stock up! Click here for a list of 20 basic supplies every homeschool family should own (Psst! We tell you every week what you’ll need to complete the activities, but if you start here, you’ll only have a few things to order each month.)

Ready to learn? We strongly recommend our Foundations Unit as your first homeschool week theme. It’s packed with simple-yet-effective ways to get your homeschool routine off on a strong foot while introducing your child to habits and lessons that encourage independence and get you both in the right mindset.

Feeling a little nervous? You’re going to be great! But it’s important to go in with the right idea of “success.” Read this post for tips on how to know what something is not working—and when you might actually be right on track.

Want more? (We get it!) Click here to peruse our blog for past lessons you can start whenever you want.

Have questions? Comments? Concerns? We want to hear them. Contact us at help@learnandliveletter.com, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.