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Click here to see the currently published units for each level. You can get started on any of these whenever you’re ready!

Next, stock up! We include book + supply lists within each unit, but we also recommend reading this post for a list of 20 basic supplies every homeschool family should own for Levels 1, 2, and 2+, or this list of 14 supplies you’ll use for Level 3.

You can view the book list for your level from on this page. (We will be updated the Level 2+ and Level 3 list throughout the year, aiming to give you updates about a month before the new unit is published.)

Feeling a little nervous? You’re going to be great! But it’s important to go in with the right idea of “success.” Read this post for tips on how to know when something is not working—and when you might actually be right on track. We also recommend watching our “How to break a school minded cycle” IG Live to learn how you can bring the most joy possible to your homeschool.

Have questions? We want to set you up for success! Visit our “For Parents” page here for an index of all of our blog posts answering a variety of common questions around homeschool, teaching philosophies, and more. (If you’re new to homeschooling, we highly recommend starting with the Homeschool 101 section!)

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