20 life skill-building chores that are age-appropriate for your preschooler or kindergartener

We are firm believers that some of the best learning in childhood happens organically. Exploring the backyard, going on field trips, and simply being an active part of your day will teach your child just as much as a day spent doing intentional school—and in some ways the lessons will be even more valuable.

5 things we learned in our IG LIVE with Honey! I’m Homeschooling the Kids

One of our favorite parts of being an eclectic homeschool curriculum is getting to meet and learn from incredible homeschoolers from a variety of backgrounds and approaches. Throughout the summer, we’ve been introducing several of our favorite experts who practice different homeschool philosophies and sharing their best lessons here. 

Organizing your homeschool room: 5 things to declutter right now

It’s an age-old homeschool conundrum: Yes, homeschooling means scads more freedom and the ability to customize your child’s education journey…but it also means a whole lot more stuff. Here are five things you can declutter right now to free up space in your homeschool area.

7 things we learned from our IG LIVE with The Confident Homeschooler

summer series! Serena is founder of The Confident Homeschooler, a homeschool coaching and education company that works with families to find the schooling philosophies and curriculums that will work best for them. We sat down with Serena to discuss how to reflect on the past year in a way that will propel your future homeschool, how to avoid homeschooling from a place of fear, how to stop comparing your journey to others, and more.

How to turn a trip to the aquarium into a lesson

Honestly, if we could pick only one type of activity for our subscribers to do for each lesson, it would probably be the field trip. As much as we love living books with captivating stories and eye-catching illustrations, there’s just something magical that happens when your child sees what they are learning about in realContinue reading “How to turn a trip to the aquarium into a lesson”

What I want you to know about our first year of Learn + Live Letter

This past week was momentous for my family for a few reasons. First and foremost, my oldest child completed her kindergarten year of homeschool, ending our second year as a homeschool family! My daughter’s graduation also marked the first full year of the Learn + Live Letter. As my co-founder, Cynthia, and I have talkedContinue reading “What I want you to know about our first year of Learn + Live Letter”