Welcome to Learn + Live Level 3!

We’re so glad to have you.

We could not be more excited (and honored!) to be part of your homeschooling journey. Whether you’ve learnd and lived with us before or you’re just now giving us a try, be assured—we do not take the responsibility lightly! We consider it our duty to help smooth the roadblocks and make learning effective, fun, and simple (for both your child and you).

The main thing that separates Level 3 from the other L+L levels is that our Level 3 unit studies are month-long instead of week-long. That means your child has more time to dig deep into the topics, fostering a deeper sense of curiosity and a stronger love of learning every time they find a lesson that engages them. But never fear if you’re teaching more than one student—we designed these unit studies to largely work in tandem with our other levels so siblings can learn together (and to make less work for you!).

Click here for a video that breaks down more of what to expect from Level 3.

Here’s what to do next:

We send out the Learn & Live Level 3 Letter at least a week before the start of the month so you have time to gather books and supplies for the following four weeks. The first Level 3 send will go out September 27th for lessons beginning on October 4th. Click here to view our schedule so you can get a feel for the lessons that are coming your way.

Next, stock up! Click here for a list of 20 basic supplies every homeschool family should own (Psst! We tell you every month what you’ll need to complete the activities, but if you start here, you’ll only have a few things to order when you get your lessons.) You can also check out our Level 3 book list here. We’ll be updating it throughout the year to give you as much warning as we can about which books you’ll need for upcoming units.

Feeling a little nervous? You’re going to be great! But it’s important to go in with the right idea of “success.” Read this post for tips on how to know what something is not working—and when you might actually be right on track. We also recommend watching our “How to break a school minded cycle” IG Live to learn how you can bring the most joy possible to your homeschool.

Have questions? Comments? Concerns? We want to hear them. Contact us at help@learnandliveletter.com, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.