Level 3 Subscriptions

Designed for homeschool students ages 7-12, Level 3 features month-long unit studies designed to educate your student through a historical and geographical lens. The result? A well-rounded child with a broad world view and a deep love of exploration. Click below to select how you’d like to subscribe to our Level 3 lessons.


Monthly Subscription

Our Monthly Subscription gets you four weeks of access to our Level 3 unit studies, including previously published units. Each unit study covers math, science, literacy, language arts, history, music, art, and life skills, while also encouraging your child’s natural creativity through hands-on activities that bring the topic to life. We’ll also link to the supplies for each activity so you can get what you need easily and provide easy-to-understand guidance for you along the way.

Year Subscription

Decision fatigue is so last year. When you sign up for a full year of Learn + Live Level 3 lessons, you get the full year of lessons (including all previously published units from the beginning of the year), each with four week’s worth of hands-on, engaging lessons. Even better, each month will build on the last so you end the school year with a fully rounded, holistically educated child who loves to learn.