Level 1 Subscriptions

Ready to get started homeschooling the Learn + Live way? The first Level 1 letter will hit inboxes September 16th for lessons beginning on September 20th. Click below to select how you’d like to subscribe to our Level 1 lessons.


Monthly Subscription

Our Monthly Subscription gets you two sends per month, each with two week’s worth of lesson activities. (We did the math for you—that’s four week-long lesson plans that total less than $4 per week long unit.) Each week centers on a theme your child will love and provides activities and projects to teach math, science, phonetic awareness, history, music, art, and life skills, while also developing fine and gross motor skills through play. We’ll also link to the supplies for each activity so you can get what you need easily and provide easy-to-understand guidance for you along the way.

Monthly subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel. Recurring payments are charged on the first of the month—if you subscribe on a different date, you will be charged a prorated amount initially.

3-month Subscription

Our 3-month Subscription gets you everything you love about the monthly subscription, including two sends per month, each with two week’s worth of lesson activities, for three months. (Or 12 week-long lesson plans total at $2.50 per lesson!)

3-month subscriptions renew automatically unless you cancel. You will be contacted prior to being enrolled in the recurring 3-month seasonal subscription at the end of this initial period.

Year Subscription

Decision fatigue is so last year. When you sign up for a full year of Learn + Live Level 1 lessons, you get the full year of lessons, including 18 bi-weekly sends, each with two week’s worth of hands-on, engaging lessons. (That’s 36 unit studies total!) Even better, each week will build on the last so you end the school year with a fully rounded, holistically educated child who loves to learn.