Writing Program Review: Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting without Tears is designed to teach children from kindergarten to grade five how to correctly write their letters and numbers. It uses a multi-sensory approach, which keeps lessons engaging and fun. Before students grab a pencil, they learn how to build the letters using wooden pieces shaped like lines and curves. Next, they begin tracing the letters with their fingers on a mini blackboard before moving to using chalk.

Once those skills have been mastered, children progress to a magnet board where they practice a tripod pencil grip. Here, they are not only taught proper pencil grip, but also good writing posture.

Another thing we love about this program? They make modifications for left-handed children (between both our co-founders, two of our five kids are left-handed!). Finally, we really appreciate the order this program teaches the letters, moving from easiest to hardest in a developmentally appropriate way.

Lessons take 10 minutes a day and can easily be added to your homeschool schedule. Best of all, it comes without the tears!

Here are the workbooks we recommend:

For Pre-K:
My First Book Set

For kindergarten:
The Letters and Numbers for Me Workbook and The Teacher’s Guide

For first grade:
My Printing Book and The Teacher’s Guide

Extra supplies we recommend:

Note: They also sell chalk and pencils that are made in smaller sizes so that it forces the child to use the correct pencil grip. We didn’t include these in the recommended list because they come in such large quantities (they are made for classroom use). You can easily use what you have at home and simply cut pencils and chalk down to a smaller size.

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