Weather + Clouds Unit: Water cycle wheel activity

Homeschool plans - Weather + Clouds Unit Studies

This simple craft is fun to put together and gives your child a hands-on understanding of the water cycle. (Even better, it can be a great “fidget” device while you read your books for our Weather + Clouds Unit!)

What you need:
What to do:

Start by walking your child through the pictures depicted on the wheel, then let them color the pictures.

Cut out the water cycle words and help your child label each part of the cycle. Glue the terms in the correct spots with a glue stick. (You may also want to laminate your wheel to help it last longer.)

Next, cut out the spinner arm and water drop. Glue the drop to one end and use a brad to attach the arm to the wheel.

Bring this wheel out whenever you are reading about the water cycle in your homeschooling program

Show your child how the water drop goes through the cycle. Bring this wheel out whenever you are reading about the water cycle to give your child a tactile connection to each phase of the cycle.

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