How to include Montessori lessons in your daily routine

Did you know that you can include Montessori activities in your daily routine without needing to get any materials at all? It’s true! Montessori scope and sequence include very important areas for young children called Practical Life, Sensorial Activities, and Grace and Courtesy.

What is Unschooling?

There are many interpretations of the term unschooling, which has been defined as learning without a curriculum or plan or education that consists solely of what a child wants to do. I dislike these definitions, and even the term unschooling, which seems to describe what it is not, rather than what it is.

4 common myths about homeschooling (and why they’re totally wrong)

Homeschooling was one of the best things that ever happened to my family. But at the start, I felt overwhelmed and scared and I heard some terrible opinions about homeschooling. Fortunately for me and my family, it didn’t take us long to learn the truth.