Snow Unit: Snowman Fractions

Nervous about teaching fractions? This fun snowman activity makes it easy for you and your child to keep your mathematical cool.

What you need:
What to do:

1. Print this snowman + fraction circles. Laminate the circles if possible and cut them out.

2. Start by having your child color in the snowman picture.

3. Once your snowman is ready, introduce the fraction circles, which can be layered over the bottom part of the snowman. Focus on one fraction at a time, starting with the ½ fraction. 

4. Take your ½ fraction circle and cut it in half. Show your child that a circle can be cut and be divided into two separate, equal pieces. Verbally identify each ½ section. Explain to them that ½ and ½ can be combined to make one whole circle. (Demonstrate this by joining the ½ and the ½ together over the bottom part of the snowman.) If you have laminated your circles, you can also shade one half in with dry erase markers to make the fraction stand out. (If you haven’t laminated, you can still shade one half in with a crayon, you just won’t be able to repeat the lesson unless you print a new fraction circle.)

If this concept becomes clear and the child is still engaged, move onto the ⅓ fraction circle. If not, leave it for the next math lesson. This activity can be revisited again and again to continue to teach fractions in a fun way! ⛄️

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