Sharks + Ocean Animals Unit: DIY steel drum craft

The steel drum is one of the most recognizable sounds of calypso music! After learning a bit about calypso in our Sharks + Ocean Animals Unit, bring the music to life with this simple DIY version your child can play at home.

What you need:
What to do:

Start by cutting your metallic cardstock into three strips about four inches wide. Use shipping tape to form them into a ring the same diameter as the pie plate.

If you would like to decorate your drum, use the hole punch to cut holes around the ring of cardstock, every few inches. Thread pieces of colorful ribbon through each hole.

Cut two slits one side of each of the toilet paper rolls. Slide the cardstock ring through the slits so it now sits on top of the rolls (see picture).

Finally, fit the pie plate over the top of the ring to form the drum. (You may want to tape it into place.)

Give your child chopsticks, pencils, or some other stick to use as drum sticks. Let the musical play time begin!

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