Lights, Shadows + Rainbows: Rainbow Measurement Craft

This simple rainbow math activity will help strengthen your child’s recognition and memorization of the colors of the rainbow while letting them also work on their measuring and cutting skills. (Plus, the result is pretty beautiful! 🌈)

What you need:
What to do:

Start by cutting an 11 x 2.5-inch strip of each of color of construction paper.

Then, have your child measure the red strip to see that it is 11 inches. Set aside.

Have your child measure 10 inches on the orange strip, and cut off the remaining inch.
(+) If your child is working on scissor skills, draw a line at the 10-inch mark and have them cut off the remaining inch.

Measure 9 inches on the yellow strip, and cut off the remaining 2 inches.
(+) Fold in a subtraction lesson by asking your child how many inches they think will remain after you cut off the 9 inches.

Measure 8 inches on the green strip, and cut off the remaining 3 inches.

Measure 7 inches on the blue strip, and cut off the remaining 4 inches.

Measure 6 inches on the indigo strip, and cut off the remaining 5 inches.

Measure 5 inches on the violet strip, and cut off the remaining 6 inches.

Stack the strips in order, then use tape or glue to hold the bottom edges together.

Next, fold the strips into an arch and attach the other side’s bottom edges, creating the rainbow! (See photo for reference.)

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