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Level 2+ homeschool plan unit studies

We’re so excited to have you join us for our Level 1 unit studies! Below is the list of books we recommend for each unit in our program. We have linked each book below so you can order it on Amazon (we love their used books to cut costs!), but we encourage you to check your local libraries and secondhand book stores to save even more. We have also included links if the book is available to read online or if there is a quality read alouds on YouTube (we even have a few of our own here!).

Still can’t find the book we recommend? Don’t worry—and feel free to substitute with a similar book you already own or can find at your library about the same topic.

Happy reading!

Foundations Unit
Apples Unit
Fall Harvest Unit
Leaves Unit
Ancient Egypt Unit
Dinosaurs Unit
Clouds + Weather Unit

Optional additional reading for preschoolers:

Neighborhood Unit
Native Peoples of North + Central America Unit

Optional additional reading:

  • We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga by Traci Sorell — This is a beautiful book to start a conversation about gratefulness with your child. It is not required for this week’s lesson, but if your child is an avid reader, it is a great one for your personal library!
Five Senses Unit
Big Feelings Unit

Optional extra reading:

  • The Boy with Big, Big Feelings by Britney Winn Lee
  • Talk About the Monster by Mistofer Christopher (This playful book is about a little girl who conquers her fear by facing and understanding it. She learns to describe her fear with words to begin the healing process. It teaches and encourages children to discuss their fears and feelings or anything that cause discomfort. It is ideal for kids who are experiencing health issues, a natural disaster, family trauma, or anxiety. We haven’t created any activities for this book in our unit, but it’s a great book for families to keep in their library for when the need arises.)
China Unit
India Unit

Optional additional reading:

  • The English Meets Urdu 3-Book Set by Benish Shah – While not required, we love the simple way these colorful, engaging board books can help teach younger learners about another common language in India, Urdu.
Outer Space Unit

Optional additional reading:

Snow Unit

Optional extra reading:

Arctic Unit
Greece Unit
Tools + Construction Unit
Quilts Unit
Lights, Shadows + Rainbows Unit

Optional additional reading:

Rocks Unit

(+) Book upgrades:

Rivers, Lakes + Ponds Unit

Optional additional reading:

  • The Treasure Hunter’s Handbook by Liza Gardner Walsh – If your family spends a lot of time outdoors exploring streams and ponds, this is an excellent resource you will use for years. For this lesson, pages 24-34 will be most helpful. (You can also find it on OpenLibrary here!)
Insects + Spiders Unit

Optional chapter book:

Spring Unit
Flowers Unit
Birds Unit

Optional chapter book:

Castles Unit
France Unit
Butterflies + Migration Unit
Savanna + Safari Unit
Animal Care Unit
Up in the Air Unit

Optional additional reading (especially if your child *loves* paper airplanes):

Forest Unit

Optional chapter book: 

Japan Unit

Optional additional reading:

  • Japanese Children’s Favorite Stories – This book doesn’t directly tie in to any of our activities, but it is an excellent example of a living book that can help to add more color, authenticity, and depth to a Japan unit study. Try reading for bedtime or read aloud this week.
Ocean Unit
Dance (Party!) Unit

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