Spring Unit: Earthworm estimation + measuring activity

Earthworms are one of our favorite springtime creatures—let’s use them to work on some estimation and measurement practice!

What you need:
What to do:

Start by creating three worms” out of playdough (googly eyes optional!) and arranging them in various twisty and coiled patterns, like this:

Without uncoiling the worms, give your child three labels (“longest,” “middle,” “shortest”) and ask them to estimate the length of the worms once uncoiled.

After they label each worm, uncoil them and have your child measure each worm with a ruler. If any worm is longer than 12 inches, have them do the math to figure out how long it is.

Discuss how accurate their estimations were and talk about situations where you could use estimations or when it is more beneficial to measure.

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