DIY passport template for unit studies

At the Learn + Live Letter, we do a lot of “traveling” through our lessons across all of our levels. In each of our country- and culture-based unit studies, we provide opportunities for your child to explore the geography, history, and culture of a new place and people, encouraging them to discover their own connections to different stories and times. If you would like to help your child record their learning journeys, we invite you to download and print this play DIY passport. We’ve even included some “stamps” for our units to get your started!

To build your DIY passport, print a small photo of your child to glue inside and have them (or help them) fill out their information. (This is a great way to include some practical writing practice in your learning time!) Then, cut out the stamps and let them glue one them their stamps pages, working those fine motor skills as they fill out their booklet. When you are ready to put the passport together, cut out the pages and staple them together on the left-hand side to form a book (you could also use a hole punch and yarn to lace the book together for more fine motor work).

As you build your DIY passport, use the craft as an opportunity to encourage conversation about civics (including the various requirements for international travel) and to build excitement about the countries you plan to study this year in our unit studies. We hope this activity also gives you and your children the foundation for conversations about diversity and beauty of the human family.

Happy travels!

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