Castles Unit: DIY falconer craft

Have you ever heard of a falconer? This special form of hunting is still done occasionally in our time, but it was much more popular during medieval times. We learn more about what this job entailed (as well as some fascinating facts about birds of prey) in the book The Hawk of the Castle (you can also listen to this read aloud.)

Now, let’s bring the lesson to life with this falconer craft.

What you need:
What to do:

Start by printing our falconer template and using them to trace the pieces onto cardstock. (You will need to make two wings.) Cut out the pieces and use the black marker to add any desired details.

Next, glue the pieces onto the toilet paper roll in the shape of the bird, like this:

Create a cuff out of a strip of construction paper and tape it to fit your child’s wrist. Use a hole punch to punch a hole in the cuff and the toilet paper roll and attach your falcon to the cuff with a piece of string or yarn.

Finally, tape a small magnet inside the cuff and on the bottom of the toilet paper roll, like this:

Now the falcon can “perch” on your child’s wrist.

Ready to let your falcon fly? Take your bird to an open space and have your child spin to let their bird of prey soar! (Note: You may want to encourge them to hold onto the string when they spin to prevent tearing their cuff.)

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