Greece: Simple Acropolis craft

Simple Acropolis craft homeschool unit studies

The Acropolis is one of the most famous archaeological sites of Greece. Part of why it has been able to last so long is the strength of its column design. Let’s learn more about that with this activity today that will also help reinforce shapes for younger children.

Start by taking a virtual tour of the Acropolis here. Point out the columns and the roof to your child and ask them what shapes they recognize. Next, let’s get crafting!

What you need:
What to do:

Begin by cutting out your shapes. If your child is comfortable cutting, have them cut out a wide triangle and 6 rectangular column pieces. If not, you can cut these for them.

Discuss the shapes, counting the sides and the angles. You might point out that your blue paper is also a rectangle. Talk about how the rectangles are different and what they have in common.

Next, let your child glue the pieces onto the blue paper in the shape of the Acropolis. The next activity in our Level 1: Greece Unit will help explain why these columns have helped this structure last for hundreds of years.

Homeschool unit studies: Let your child glue pieces onto the blue paper in the shape of the Acropolis.

If your child desires, they can decorate the picture more with plants or other surroundings.

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