Greece: Ancient urn story activity

Much of what we know about life in Ancient Greece has actually been learned from their pottery. That’s because their pottery was often decorated with depictions of their popular myths and early Mediterranean life. This article shares more about how the pottery was made and decorated, and also has several pictures of Greek pottery you can show your child. Next, encourage your child to tell their own story through art with this paper bag “pottery” craft.

What you need:
What to do:

First, print our urn template. Cut out the urn and trace it onto a large paper bag.

Cut out the urn shape. Using a black marker, add decorative lines to your urn that will also act as lines to separate the parts of your child’s story.

Next, encourage your child to illustrate a story on the urn. Review the article linked above to see examples of how stories were depicted on urns, and then let your child create their own story or illustrate one of these famous myths in Greek Myths for Young Children by Heather Amery (you can read it here on OpenLibrary).

Once the story is done, have your child tell you their story!

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