Flowers Unit: Georgia O’Keeffe collage craft

Georgia O’Keeffe is a famous artist who loved painting beautiful, close-up pictures of flowers. For today’s lesson, we’re sharing a Georgia O’Keeffe paper collage activity from The Usborne Art Treasury. For more about Georgia O’Keeffe or flowers, don’t miss our Flower Unit study!

What you need:
What to do:

Step one: Begin by cutting out the shapes you will need for your collage (large petals, greenery, contrasting shapes for petals, an oval for the center, and two thin strips for the X over the center oval). To cut out multiple petals and leaves at the same time, fold the paper in half or into quarters.

Note: Determine your child’s ability with the cutting. They may be able to cut these shapes free hand. If they can’t, you may want to draw the shapes for them to cut out, or you can cut the shapes out for them to glue.

Step two: On a blank piece of paper or cardstock, glue the petals in the shape of a flower.

Step three: Next, add the contrasting shapes near the center of the flower, one on each petal.

Step four: Add the center circle, and then layer the thin strips in an X shape over the oval.

Step five: Glue your leaves, tucking them slightly under the blossom.

Step six: Optionally, you could use a black marker to add a ring of small droplet shapes around the center oval to add more detail to the flower.

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