England + Ireland: Layered Union Flag Activity

Sometimes the best projects come from our children’s imagination! This craft was created by our co-founder’s 5-year-old daughter after learning that the Union Flag was actually made up of three different flags, and it’s a simple, concrete way to demonstrate how the flags of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland come together.

What you need:
What to do:

Cut one of your laminating sheets into two pieces at the fold.

Put one piece over the picture of the Union Flag and trace the outline of the flag in black marker. Then, trace the red middle cross (that makes up the English flag) with red marker. Trim the sheet so only about half an inch of plastic remains around the flag drawing. Set aside.

Take the second piece of laminating sheet and place over the Union Flag picture. Trace the outline of the flag in black marker, then trace the portions of the red X (the Northern Ireland flag) in red marker. Trim the sheet so only about half an inch of plastic remains around the flag drawing.

At this point, you should have two sheets that look like this:

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Fill in the red cross and red X with your red marker. Set both aside.

You should still have one intact laminating pocket. Open it, and place the back flap over the Union Flag picture with the inside of the pocket face up. Trace the outside of the flag with black marker, and then use your blue marker to trace the blue sections of the flag (representing the flag of Scotland). Fill these sections in with your blue marker.

Next, layer the red flag sheets inside the intact laminating pocket so the outside edges of your flag drawings line up. You should see a full Union Flag!

Close the intact laminating pocket sheet and laminate to finish your flag.

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