6 things we learned about teaching music from our LIVE with a music educator

The idea of teaching children music can be intimidating—especially if you’ve never had formal training or even any kind of music background of your own. But it doesn’t have to be! And it turns out that teaching your child the basics of understanding music might be even more natural than many of us think.  ToContinue reading “6 things we learned about teaching music from our LIVE with a music educator”

How to find your child’s sensory rhythm to help regulate their day

We are surrounded by rhythm in nature with the hours in a day, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. It is only instinctual that our children crave a steady rhythm—it creates balance and provides a sense of security and predictability for children.

How to do copywork in homeschool lessons

When our children initially learn language, they first listen to the words and then begin to speak them. Next, they learn to read and, finally, to write the language. This writing becomes another way to communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas! It is a key component of communication and expression. The first step of learning to write? Copywork.

How to teach the letter of the week in Level 1

For all of the Learn + Live Letter levels, we strive to make the activities in each meet your child at a place that is developmentally appropriate for their age. One way we do that in Level 1 is by including a letter of the week in most of the units. This letter links to the unit theme and has a natural, organic connection to other topics you will learn during the week.