7 toys + games that teach your child educational skills through play

When we watch our children play, we see how their beautiful little brains are always learning. Play is how they make sense of the world—how they experiment with ideas and feelings, how they develop language, and how they practice fine and gross motor skills.  At Learn + Live, we wholeheartedly believe that playing is learning.Continue reading “7 toys + games that teach your child educational skills through play”

5 valuable lessons your child learns from cooking

Bringing your kids into the kitchen can provide break from the day and also time for bonding between the grownup and child (or siblings!). And when you get to eat what you make, even better! The hidden advantage is it also can teach them valuable lessons along the way.

DIY passport template for unit studies

Teaching my children about countries around the world has always been a goal of mine. When my two older children were younger, I created a kids club for them with other homeschoolers in our community called Passport to the World Club where we learned about different places, practiced public speaking, and sampled the traditional food of that location’s culture.