Level 2: Butterflies + Migration Unit Study

Get ready to take flight this week with a variety of migratory animals! We’ll dig deep into some map work, learn about science with butterflies, and even make our own butter. Ready to fly? Click here to download your weekly skills tracker. Note: Occasionally we include project upgrades (for kids ready for more) and modificationsContinue reading “Level 2: Butterflies + Migration Unit Study”

Butterflies + Migration Unit: Butterfly Pollination Activity

Butterflies are one of our favorite pollinators! We’ve discussed in other activities how other animals help to get plants the pollen they need to make seeds, but in this post, we’re taking a closer look at the butterfly proboscis (AKA, a long, strawlike tongue that coils and uncoils) and how a butterfly spreads pollen when it drinks a flower’s nectar.