Castles Unit: Medieval Banner Craft

Decorate your home like a royal with this simple medieval banner craft!

What you need:
What to do:

Using our printable template, print as many copies of the banner as you would like on cardstock.

Let your child color the larger banner pieces a solid color (or they can get creative with a pattern!). Then, depending on their ability, have them decorate each smaller banner with symbols or pictures of their choice, using crayons, markers, paint, and/or stickers. They may want to use some of the same symbols they put on their family crest, or you may want to draw pictures (like a crown or sword) for them to color in.

Cut the banners out and glue the smaller banners on top of the larger banners like the above photo.

Using your hole punch, punch a hole in both of the top corners of the banner. Then lace your ribbon, yarn, or string through the holes so the banners can be hung on a wall. (If your child has trouble stringing the yarn, use a plastc yarn needle or wrap a bit of tape around the end to make it easier to thread.)

Hang your banner as desired. Let the festivities begin!

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