Castles Unit: DIY quill activity

Education in medieval times was very different from today. Most people (especially peasants) couldn’t read or write—even many nobles couldn’t read or write. It was mostly the clergy who had all the education. If a noble family wanted to educate their children, they would either do it themselves or get a priest to tutor them. (source) But for those who did read and write, they used a scroll and a quill. Let’s make our own “quill” with this simple tutorial.

What you need:
  • straw
  • feather (if you don’t want to buy a bunch of feathers, you could make one out of construction paper)
  • tape
What to do:

Use your tape to attach feathers to the side of your straw.

Next, cut the bottom of the straw to create a point.

That’s it! Dip your quill into black paint (or ink, if you’re feeling brave!) to write like a medieval royal.

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