Butterflies + Migration Unit: Butterfly life cycle craft

Homeschool unit studies: Butterfly life cycle craft

This beautiful craft takes a closer look at the butterfly’s fascinating life cycle and metamorphosis. This craft can be done in several steps (not necessarily all at once) depending on your child’s level of attention and interest. If they have a short attention span for crafts, start with one stage at a time and work on it throughout the week.
(+) Ready for more? Write the word for each stage (e.g., “egg,” “caterpillar,” “chrysalis,” and “butterfly”) in each section and let your child copy over it. Or you can write the words on a separate piece of paper for them to reference as they write. Meet your child where they are!

What you need:
What to do:

Start by cutting a big circle out of a piece of cardstock. Divide it into four quadrants.

Next, create your egg wedge. Cut a leaf out of green foam. Use a hot glue (or regular craft glue) to attach a small stick to the leaf. Then, glue a few grains of rice to the leaf. These are your eggs!

Then, make the caterpillar wedge. Cut another green foam leaf and glue it down with another stick. Next, attach mini pom poms to make the caterpillar. Add googly eyes, if using.

Next up, the chrysalis wedge! Start by rolling a piece of tissue paper into a cocoon shape. In a small bowl, mix a teaspoon of glue with equal parts water. Mix it up and paint the outside of the tissue paper chrysalis with this glue-water mixture. While it dries, glue a stick to this wedge. (You can add a leaf if you want to!) Glue the chrysalis to the stick so it looks like it’s hanging.

Finally, make your butterfly wedge! Let your child color a piece of white cardstock. Then fold like a fan and use drops of glue to pinch the middle into a butterfly shape. Glue this to the wedge and add a green pom pom to either side to create the butterfly’s body. Use cardstock or other paper to create a blossom for your butterfly.

To complete your craft, label each section.

Make your butterfly wedge - hands on homeschool curriculum

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