Ocean Unit: Interviewing + charting activity

Interviewing and charting are two important skills your child will use throughout their education career and life! This simple activity introduces these important concepts while also helping your child connect with friends and family.

What you need:
What to do:

Start by printing out our chart (and laminate it if possible) and sharing it with your child. Explain that you and your child will be interviewing a friend or family member, asking one question at a time, collecting data, and charting their answers.

To begin, write the name of the people you are interviewing along the bottom of the chart. Next, explain to your child that once the person has answered your question, you will record their answer in this chart. This allows you to remember their answer and also compare it to the other people you will ask. 

Pick a question that will allow for the most diverse answers. Here are some examples:

  • How many times have you been to the beach since I was born?
  • How many of the five oceans in the world have you been to?
  • How many times have you built a sand castle?
  • How many times have you watched the sunset at the beach?

Next, pick 4-6 friends or family members that your child can interview. Set up a phone call or FaceTime for the interviews. As your child collects answers, have them chart the answer for each person with the corresponding color of rainbow goldfish crackers.

Once you have completed the chart, review it with your child. Ask your child:

  • Who visited the beach the most?
  • Who visited the beach the least?
  • Was there a tie?

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