3 myths about socialization + homeschooling

If you’ve been homeschooling longer than…let’s say 30 seconds, you’ve probably had someone challenge you on how you plan to make sure that your homeschooled child is “socialized.” As common as this question is, though, the truth is that it’s rooted in some serious misconceptions about home education. And—surprise!—it’s not really something you need to stress about as much as you might think.

Let’s debunk some of the greatest homeschool socialization myths, shall we?

Myth #1: Homeschooled kids don’t get socialized.

Truth: Home-educated children interact with a variety of people through real-life experience—not just people their own age or with the same background they have. Your children can experience socialization running errands, being with family, participating with religious services, volunteering, through clubs, sports and more!

And let’s not confuse socialization with conforming to all of society’s expectations. Your child can be friendly…and still be shy. They can be generous…and have a reserved personality. They can be kind…and have strong opinions. We get to help them form their personalities, be individuals, and help them interact with the world around them. 💗

Myth #2: Traditional school is the only way to help a child avoid being socially awkward.

Truth: Traditional school is not about socialization. In fact, the majority of us who attended probably remember being told regularly to sit down and be quiet—”You’re not here to socialize!” Homeschool, on the other hand, encourages children to express their opinions and thoughts, resulting in children with a point of view and plenty to say when they meet a new person. 💯

Myth #3: Homeschooled children don’t know how to talk to people outside their family.

Truth: Homeschool doesn’t mean school in a vacuum. There are so many opportunities for group learning, from play dates to co-ops to field trips, you’ll probably find that your child is almost *too* comfortable speaking with anyone they encounter—whether they are a peer or not. 🙌

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