20 school supplies every homeschool family should own

One way homeschool is just like traditional school? It’s always a good idea to stock up on some new school supplies at the beginning of the year. Your homeschool supplies will likely grow and change over time, but these 20 tried-and-true classics will always have a place at your child’s work table.

1. laminator + laminating sheets – Trust us when we tell you that this will become your home’s most essential appliance. Laminators let you preserve everything from art work to worksheets, meaning you won’t have to keep printing new copies every time you want to repeat a lesson.

2. printer + paper – If you don’t already own a printer, now is the time to get one. (Don’t worry, they’re less expensive than you might think.) After all, all those templates and letter sheets have to come from somewhere.

3. small chalkboard + dry erase board – A chalkboard + dry erase combo is perfect for letting your child practice handwriting, demonstrating shapes, and so much more. (Go ahead, write your name at the top on the first day like your teacher used to. You’ve earned it!)

4. construction paper (assorted colors) – From art projects to math activities, you’ll never run out of uses for construction paper.

5. cardstock (assorted colors) – Perfect for when you need a bit more heft than construction paper, like making your own postcards, tangrams, and more.

6. paints + brushes – We’ve linked to acrylics here, which are great for learning to replicate the styles of famous artists. For younger children, though, you might prefer these washable paints.

7. markers

8. crayons

9. scissors + child scissors (we also love these for lefties!) – You’ll use these to cut up printable projects, and we love the child sized for helping your little one develop their fine motor skills.

10. 3-hole punch + single hole punch – Hole punches are essential for lacing projects and keeping everything organized in binders.

11. stapler

12. pipe cleaners (this set has pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and pom poms for a great price!) – We love pipe cleaners for learning to build letters, crafts, and bead lacing for fine motor development.

13. wooden beads – Beads are a great option to use as counters when you’re teaching basic math concepts.

14. chalk

15. masking tape

16. yarn – From lacing to necklace-making to hanging projects, you’ll be surprised how often you reach for yarn.

17. dry erase markers

18. glue (liquid + stick, but we also recommend a hot glue gun for faster glueing in projects)

19. playdough

20. food coloring – Even if you don’t like to cook with it, food coloring comes up often in homeschool science projects and art studies. Keep this set on hand, and you’ll be ready for anything.

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