14 homeschool supplies to keep on hand for Level 3

We love stocking up on homeschool supplies at the beginning of the year! If you’re subscribed to our Level 3 lessons, we’ll send you a supply list every month for what you’ll need to complete the activities in our unit study. But if you want to feel more prepared (and cut down on what you need to buy each month), we recommend having these 14 staples in your supply closet all year long.

1. printer + paper – If you don’t already own a printer, now is the time to get one. (Don’t worry, they’re less expensive than you might think.) After all, all those templates and letter sheets have to come from somewhere.

2. small chalkboard + dry erase board – A chalkboard + dry erase combo is perfect for demonstrating math problems, spelling words, and so much more.

3. dry erase markers

4. hot glue gun – Older children are building and need sturdy glue to keep their engineering projects together.

5. cardstock (assorted colors) – Perfect for when you need a bit more heft than construction paper, like making models and drawings.

6. paints + brushes – We’ve linked to acrylics here, great for coloring their designs with a matte finish.

7. permanent markers + colored pencils,

8. scissors + child scissors (we also love these for lefties!) – You’ll use these to cut up printable projects.

9. ruler + tape measurer

10. glue

11. air-dry modeling clay + sculpting tools

12. index cards (or these if your child prefers color!)

13. note book

14. drawing pad

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