Hi! We’re Cynthia + Justine!

The Learn & Live Letter was inspired by a simple idea: That learning and educating your child should be a simple, organic part of your life.

As homeschooling parents ourselves, we believe that teaching your child is easier than you think and that the best learning environment is the one that blends seamlessly with the life you already love. That’s why we take an eclectic approach to homeschooling that allows you to tailor your child’s education to their needs, interests, and abilities—while growing your own confidence as an educator. 

Because learning comes naturally to your child’s development. They learn with and by the world around them—and, as parents and caretakers, all we have to do is open that door. 

In each newsletter, we’ll send you two weeks worth of engaging activities and projects children love. The activities are rich with literature and art, folding in science, math, and history in an enjoyable and educational way. What you won’t find? Busy work, endless worksheets, or anything that doesn’t actively contribute to your child’s core education—even if they ultimately return to traditional school. Every single idea, activity, and lesson adds value to their schooling and skills—in a way that’s fun for you, too! (Curious about some of our unit study themes? Click here to see our schedule!)

Additionally, we’ll round up the materials you need for each week and include links to Amazon (simply add what you need to your cart and order in time for Monday!) and educate you step-by-step on homeschooling philosophies so you can tailor your approach for the rest of your child’s learning career. With every send, you’ll feel confident, prepared, and excited to tackle another week of homeschool. (Promise!)

We know your time, money, and trust is precious. That’s why we’ve done the hard work.

We’ve rounded up the (valuable, affordable, beautiful) ideas and supplies you actually need to raise a curious, informed, and open-minded child. It’s why we’ve spent years researching and trying out activities, projects, and curriculums to bring you only the best ideas that you’ll love as much as your child will. And it’s why we don’t recommend anything that we haven’t tried—and loved—ourselves.

Because we’ve been right where you are. We’ve struggled with difficult subjects. We’ve seen the magical moments when everything clicks.

We’ve learned and we’ve lived, and we know you can do it, too.

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